British Music Experience On Tour

Exciting Hendrix and Buddy Holly Additions to BME

Clearly the focus of the British Music Experience is the history of British rock and pop. But in our ‘On Tour’ section we recognise artists from outside the UK who have either been massively influential in British music history or who made their name here.

In the second category is Jimi Hendrix and we have just made an exciting addition to what was already an outstanding collection of Hendrix related artefacts. We are incredibly lucky to be able to show the Marshall 1959 Super lead 100w Head (affectionately known as a ‘Plexi’) that was used by Jimi at his legendary performance at Woodstock in August 1969. As all Hendrix aficionados will know Jimi had some history with Marshall equipment. After moving to the UK and forming the Jimi Hendrix Experience he met with the company founder, Jim Marshall, and subsequently used Marshall amps throughout his career as they suited the unique cranked up electric blues sound for which he became known. Jim Marshall in return called Hendrix ‘the greatest ambassador’ his company ever had.

If this wasn’t enough we have also added to our Buddy Holly and The Crickets collection. Buddy features here because despite his relatively short career he had a massive impact on a generation of British musicians. Paul McCartney famously said that without Buddy Holly and The Crickets there wouldn’t have been The Beatles.  February 2019 will be the 60th anniversary of the plane crash that tragically cut Buddy’s life short at the age of 22 but his influence and legacy continue.

In March 1958 Buddy Holly and the Crickets toured the UK and we are really lucky to have the overcoat that Buddy wore throughout the tour. We also have a tie that was owned and worn by Buddy and which he can be seen wearing on the cover of the band’s 1957 debut album The “Chirping” Crickets.  This just adds to what is already a stunning collection that includes incredibly rare acetates of early recordings, autographs of all The Crickets, and a handwritten letter from 1953 from a young Buddy asking a nearby high school if they would give his band a gig!

Our Hendrix collection includes an outfit worn by Jimi, a bass guitar that was owned and played by The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s bass player Noel Redding, and a collection of rare prints of Jimi and the band taken by photographer Bruce Fleming. Bruce was responsible for the famous front cover shot of the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s debut album Are You Experienced.

The BME would like to acknowledge the support of Peter Bradley Snr, The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation, Bruce Fleming, and David Brewis at